Why Instant Ice Cream?

Did you know your standard store bought Ice Cream contains 50% air? Did you know that traditional ice creams manufactured in factories are made at least a month before you get your hands on them. The only way they are kept edible is by loading them up with chemical preservatives. As ice cream lovers the discovery of these facts made it unbearable for us to have the traditional ice creams. A change had to be made. So we became the change.

We faced a few challenges, to cut out preservatives we had to create our ice cream non traditionally. Liquid Nitrogen has a boiling point of -196 degrees celsius. Making it the perfect freezing agent for our needs. Additionally there is no air in ice cream created using this process, so you get the exact weight you paid for. Another common problem traditional ice creams face is crystallization. Water crystals slowly form in the ice cream and grow larger with time. Since our ice cream is made fresh and instantly there is no time for any crystallization to take place. This translates to a creamier, smoother and richer ice cream experience than any traditional made ice cream can hope to provide.

However the greatest beauty of instant ice cream is the fact that our flavors are no longer restricted. Traditional ice cream makers have to play a delicate balancing act, they have to load up the ice cream with artificial flavors and essences to replicate the taste they advertise. We face no such problem as the only thing we need to create quality taste is to use quality ingredients. We use only natural fruits and pure chocolates in our flavoring. Giving you a completely natural ice cream experience. Our Vanilla is created from the finest Vanilla beans, our dark chocolate is the purest Belgian Dark Chocolate around, Our fruit flavors are from hand picked freshly blended fruits.

Try it once and we assure you. Once you go instant, you wont be able to go back.