What is Instant Ice Cream?

Times are changing. We are  no longer chained to the boundaries of our past. There was a time when a simple gift of joy like an ice cream came loaded with chemical colors, artificial flavors and nasty preservatives. There was a time when you had no alternative but to eat ice cream which was weeks sometimes even months old. That time is now in the past. For your satisfaction we proudly present Instant Ice Cream. Ice cream that is made fresh in front of your eyes. No preservatives. No artificial flavors. No artificial colors. Only pure ice cream, made instantly.

Taste the goodness of our 100% natural fruit flavors in every bite. Relish the creamy taste of Belgian dark chocolate as it melts in your mouth. Enjoy our thick and delicious Ice Cream Shakes. You never have to eat stale ice cream again.

Welcome to Cherry Comet. The Future of Ice Creams is now.